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Based in Los Angeles, California, since 2016, Haute Health Inc. is an international digital platform focused on championing integrated and inclusive beauty, health, fitness, and fashion practices. Haute Health Inc. is a multifacted organization that fuses research-backed facts, trends, culture, and progressive discoveries to connect the dynamic fields of  health,  beauty, fashion, and fitness to compliment each individual. Haute Health's motto Health is King, is grounded in our mission to produce enlightening, educational, inspiring, and creative content approaches that are customized and focused on enriching the journey toward achieving an evidence-informed healthy lifestyle. Growing from a blog to a lifestyle magazine (Health Couture), Haute Health Inc. has continued to evolve into an integrated health and cosmetic network and brand strategy agency that offers an opportunity to transcend the boundaries of health, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle industries by providing access to innovative content and fact-based information that is customized, nonconforming, and culturally conscious. 

Establishing a community centered in inclusion, diversity, and global representation, Haute Health Inc. is a premier resource for sustainable health literacy, clean beauty systems, innovative fitness practices, global fashion, general lifestyle content, and so much more! Reaching highly diverse and engaged audiences across our web, newsletter, digital, and social platforms, Haute Health aims to inform and connect vast audiences globally by maintaining information integrity, coupled with refreshing moments of creativity.


Clinically supported research and news shared to inform and inspire ways to be mindful of health as an essential component of everyday life. Access tools for better obtaining, understanding, and using research-backed health sciences information to make appropriate, distinguished choices in healthcare.

Beauty practices that consider human and environmental health, focusing on the use of sustainable production, nontoxic elements, and plant-based ingredients for deep-rooted results. Featuring products and practices that are universally safe for the body and the Earth. Encouraging healthy beauty choices for radiating from the inside out. 

Blog-style content that

reviews the global fashion community from cerebral and creative angles. 

Showcasing fashion projects, editorials, industry news, lookbooks, style guides, and womenswear collections from the high-street to top-end designers.

Research-based fitness, exercise, and stretch practices focused on controlling appetite, boosting mood, and improving sleep to achieve optimal physical and mental health. Customizable workout routines, technique demonstrations, and targeted fitness training that considers lifestyle and overall goals. 

Evidence-based analysis of various health, cosmetic, beauty, fitness, and personal care products to ensure their safety, and  to further substantiate claims for the effective nature of products as advertised.

Encouraging wholistic approaches to health and wellbeing for optimal states of body and mind that are customizable to goals. Healing and nutritional practices begin from the inside out, and are guided by scientific research and wholistic medicine to improve while enhancing overall health. 

Daily practices that strengthen the ability to be fully present, by bringing attention to experiences and the state of the mind. Designed to acknowledge the importance of the connection between mindfulness, awareness, and compassion in all aspects of life



Inviting our readers to experience representations that are uniquely cultured and creative,  each piece of content we produce is tailored to educate our audience while simultaneously pushing creative boundaries to vividly spark the imagination.

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